Top Landings

Pilot Avg Landing
Pierre Castonguay-75.81 ft/min
Jonas Lapp-99.00 ft/min
Pam Bennett-107.40 ft/min
Chandler Heath-125.63 ft/min
Richard Johnson-147.00 ft/min
Alec Main-147.75 ft/min
Gregory Knuth-152.03 ft/min
William Temple-153.43 ft/min
Devin Caliri-157.84 ft/min
Evan Whiteway-160.83 ft/min
Marcus Becker-184.25 ft/min
Juergen Sanja-186.62 ft/min
Jim McMannamy-205.00 ft/min
Hans Moeller-208.42 ft/min
Chris Robison-232.49 ft/min
Jeremy Schwartz-236.75 ft/min
David Kurth-244.50 ft/min
Mark Toler-246.72 ft/min
Ryan Badger-251.00 ft/min
Eddie Rodriguez-267.62 ft/min
Ronaldo Carvalho-267.77 ft/min
Jonathan Oakes-267.89 ft/min
David Henderson-272.37 ft/min
John Combs-278.32 ft/min
Chris Schiessl-297.44 ft/min
Mike Pesarchick-299.73 ft/min
Thomas Mauger-301.63 ft/min
Steven Martini-313.25 ft/min
Ronald Real-327.09 ft/min
David Downey-335.02 ft/min
Mitch Loder-348.22 ft/min
Jesus Sanchez-355.22 ft/min
James Bishop-359.22 ft/min
Gavin McLennan-364.87 ft/min
Bertrand Laffont-377.37 ft/min
Alan Grenier-411.40 ft/min
Brian Akers-440.67 ft/min
Robbie Suwary-564.27 ft/min
James West-963.76 ft/min

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
Test Account4000
Mark Toler2589
Robbie Suwary1530

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
Hans Moeller6906.03
Robbie Suwary6481.59
Mark Toler5348.39

January Stats

Most Flights Flown:
Hans Moeller25
Gregory Knuth11
Chris Schiessl10

Most Hours Flown:
Hans Moeller92
Chris Schiessl37
Gregory Knuth30

Most Miles Flown:
Hans Moeller39720
Chris Schiessl16475
Gregory Knuth9379

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Virtual Northwest Airlines is dedicated to providing a unique environment for the advancement of the virtual aviation experience.

Through our mutual efforts, vNWA partners, pilots and staff continually work to ensure that all of our members feel as part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts who work together to simulate the operations of Northwest Airlines as closely as possible by utilizing the same fleet, routes, and hub structure of the airline before it merged.

In doing this, vNWA staff endevour to provide our pilots with all the tools needed to make their experience as enjoyable and realistic as possible.

James Bishop, vNWA CEO

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Website and Kacars update

Posted by Hans Moeller on 01/20/2018

Our vnorthwest.com and crew.vnorthwest.com site is currently down.

we are updating the system over the next few weeks.

There will be no interruption, we are using the backup server vnorthwest.net

please make changes in your Kacars INFO than Settings on both lines to


Please update all vnorthwest.com links to northwest.net

and before you fly be sure to put your route in Kacars to show corectly while flying , your pirep will also show the waypoints now

Be sure to SAVE and everything will just work.
thank you!!!

Any other issues feel free to contact cto@vnorthwest.com

I-70 Crossfire

Posted by Mark Toler on 01/20/2018


Join vZKC for a fun crossfire night featuring St. Louis and Kansas City. We request that you have an updated scenery or AFCAD for both airports to alleviate delays.

Preferred RNAV Routing

Preferred Non-RNAV Routing

Good Morning Seattle

Posted by Mark Toler on 01/20/2018


Join ZSE starting at 1500z (10AM EST) as we staff up KSEA for a Saturday morning event. Grab your coffee and your croissant and prepare to sit back and relax! We will be online until 1800z (1PM EST).

Ski Season Crossfire

Posted by Hans Moeller on 01/20/2018


Come join ZDV and ZLA, as we bring the skiers to and from the mountains. Come bring out those business jets and fly into KBUR, KPSP, KGJT, and KASE for some fun approaches and scenery. We will be fully staffed between ZLA and ZDV. Routes will be provided at a later time to help with your flight planning. 

Executive Flight Schedules

Posted by Mark Toler on 01/15/2018


For anyone that would like to fly along with vNWA Executives, there are now tentative published schedules of vNWA Executives individual scheduled flights.  These flights and times are tentative and subject to change.  Feel free to contact the Executive for specifics if needed by clicking on the link below (KSTP Hub Website) or visit the KSTP Hub Website from the Hubs Tab at the top of the Homepage of the Website, to see when your Executives may be flying and you can join them.

So check out the schedules and fly with us .

KSTP Hub Website

(click on above link)

(updated 1/18/18)

vNWA Executives

Mark Toler - NWA1964  (1/18/18) 

 Chris Schiessl - NWA1223 (TBA)

Hans Moeller - NWA1959  (TBA)

FNO: San Juan

Posted by Hans Moeller on 01/10/2018


San Juan CERAP invites you to join us as we host VATUSA's popular Friday Night Ops. Puerto Rico is home to some of the best scenery in aviation. Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (TJSJ) will have full ATC service for this event. Join us on January 26 from 2359-0500Z (7PM-12AM EST) for a fun night of flying.

LatinVFR TJSJ: http://www.latinvfr.org/
Imagine Simulation TJSJ: http://www.imaginesim.com/

vNWA Hub Tour 2012-2018

Posted by James Bishop on 12/04/2017

 vNWA Hub Tour 2012-2018

 Get to know your fellow pilots, and their airspace. There is no specified time to complete this tour, have fun with it and see what you get upon completion.  Click the Operations tab at the top of the homepage and click on "Tours" to get started.



Website and Kacars u...
Posted: 01/20/2018
I-70 Crossfire...
Posted: 01/20/2018
Good Morning Seattle...
Posted: 01/20/2018
Ski Season Crossfire...
Posted: 01/20/2018
Executive Flight Sch...
Posted: 01/15/2018

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